What is RunSafe?

RunSafe is a sports wellness program for runners focusing on personalized health advice, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. Using assessment and monitoring tools, along with a trusted network of experts, RunSafe provides runners with practical advice on the best practices to help runners achieve their individual goals.

RunSafe engages runners into a comprehensive system for practical behavior change and continued motivation.

The program was designed with the running athlete in mind, focusing on injury prevention and biomechanical analysis. Knowing how to prevent running injuries and practicing safe training methods are the best strategies to running effectively.


RunSafe uses:

  • A comprehensive assessment with detailed analysis and online tools to relate an individual's information to personal goals.
  • Advice to implement the best practices. Our recommendations are derived from a thorough review of the science, and the latest training practices in running and sports. Using current technology, we help athletes individualize information.
  • An evolving program which includes current, vetted information.
  • Practical tools to manage running related activities.
  • Access to knowledgeable health professionals through our trusted network of sports medicine professionals.