About Us

RunSafe is a sports wellness program for runners that focuses on personalized health advice, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. The development of the program started in 2006, when sports medicine professionals at the University of California, San Francisco felt there was a need to provide a service to runners that focused on injury prevention to improve performance rather than treating injuries alone. Developed using grants from the Mount Zion Health Fund and the Clinical Translational Science Institute through UCSF, RunSafe has become a popular program, attracting clients from around the world. RunSafe has been featured in the media and sporting community, including recent articles in Runner's World Magazine (Nov 2010), San Francisco Magazine (Jan 2010), the San Francisco Chronicle, and an interview on KQED. Using a scientific approach, our experts' comprehensive, ongoing review of the sports medicine research helps build the foundation for the program.

Mission of RunSafe:

To improve health of individual runners and advance the science and medicine of running.

These include:

1. Delivering advice on the best practices for training and health for runners of all levels.

2. Educating runners in areas of injury prevention.

3. Developing the RunSafe program as an evidence based standard in running assessment.

4. Creating a database to further scientific study to learn about runner practices and issues.