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Unviersity of California, San Francisco






RunSafe is where the runners and the experts meet. RunSafe provides tools for both runners and health experts to be most efficient and communicate effectively. In order to deliver the highest quality assessment, top sports medicine experts at clinics and centers in the community offer the Assessment program. RunSafe experts are trained in the detailed protocols for running assessment and know the latest trends and research. The network of RunSafe providers enables sharing of information to help develop the best practices.

RunSafe helps runners link with top local running experts and align with their health care team with a similar philosophy towards sports wellness. The program helps manage the clients own health and training data so that communication is easy between what is happening with the athlete. RunSafe certified professionals understand the needs of the athletes, who are like-minded in their goals for maximum sports wellness.

RunSafe was originally developed at the University of California, San Francisco, one of the top medical centers in the United States since 2006. Partner organizations at other top centers now are part of the network. RunSafe experts ARE runners, work clinically with runners, help cover races, conduct running research, and/or are recognized in their local fields. Protocols on a systematic evaluation of running gait and strength and flexibility, as well as a practical assessment of footwear and nutrition have been developed so that a consistent, highest quality assessment will be provided by each center. The multicenter approach builds a robust database for future improvements and research so that runners in the network will always benefit from the leading directions in sports and health care.