Evolutionary Program

RunSafe uses a new evolutionary, E-health approach towards addressing the needs of runners. RunSafe is a health and wellness program that helps individuals focus on preventing injuries and improving performance, rather than seeing medical experts for their problems. The foundation of the program is a comprehensive expert-system, based on the review of the current sports medicine literature and running trends. We combine this "know-how" with our online tools and available information to offer a comprehensive, integrated web-based solution for athletes. Being connected with trained sports health experts provides you with the most accurate assessment that gives you the best information to work with.

The RunSafe program has several facets to the system. Similar to how athletes will approach a challenge, RunSafe goes through a system cycle:


1) Set Goals. Learn about yourself and how you want to challenge yourself with for your running. Whether it is running for fitness, a 5 K race, a marathon for charity or an ultramarathon race at altitude. Use your profile to help you get the knowledge you need to achieve your goals

2) Get Assessed. RunSafe experts hold assessment at top centers. They'll provide recommendations and advice for your training, and deliver it to each client's profile through an expert system.

3) Train and Improve. Runners can use their profile and assessment recommendations to guide their training and monitor their progress.

4) Follow up and set new Goals. As runners make changes, follow-up assessments can be arranged so you can continue to improve and achieve new goals.


Since 2008, over 700 runners have experienced the RunSafe assessment (see testimonials). The recommendations that are provided through the program come from latest sports medicine research. They are also derived from identified data and best practices provided by expert opinion with an evolutionary feedback loop for improving the program through data research. This will be made possible using the unique, comprehensive, multi-center database. Runners will receive cutting-edge, best practices from sports health professionals. Start now to be the best runner you can be!